2 Powerful Ways to Build Momentum in Your Business

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2 Powerful Ways to Build Momentum in Your Business

Welcome to the 4th episode in this brand new series where I’m sharing my experience of going from an idea to building a successful business and sharing the steps showing how you can do it, too!

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When I started building the Female Entrepreneur Association back in 2011, I remember taking those first few exciting (and scary!) steps… and then realising that I had NO IDEA what to do next!

There were so many different things I could focus on, but I had to figure out what felt right for me. What I discovered was incredible and my business soon took off!

So in this episode I’m sharing 2 specific things I did when I first started building FEA that helped me to build huge momentum and quickly get known in my industry.

If you feel like you’re stuck before you’ve even got started with your business, confused and unsure of what to focus on to create quick results, this is the perfect episode for you. 🙂

In the next episode I’m going to dive deeper into creating incredible content that draws people into your world and makes them fall in love with you (including one amazing tip I learned in the beginning that made it all SUPER easy, even if you HATE creating content!)

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